How to search on Qobuz

To search for albums, articles or information on the Qobuz website, enter one or more terms in the search field, then press Enter or click on the "magnifying glass".
Qobuz will then display a page of results, sorted by order of relevance. The more relevant a result is, the more likely it is to match what you are searching for.

By default, all searches are carried out among the albums available on Qobuz. However, you can extend your search to include articles, blogs and podcasts. To do so, click on the "Magazine" tab.

Search terms

Choosing your search terms well increases their effectiveness.

If you are searching for all albums relating to Michael Jackson, type michael jackson.

image AideSuppose you have a more precise idea of what you want. If you are searching for the album "Bad" by Michael Jackson, type michael jackson bad. The album in question will be displayed at the top, as it is the most relevant.

Narrow your search

One way to narrow your search is to enter more terms. If after searching for miles davis you want to see all the albums available from the "Columbia" label, entering miles davis columbia will give you the right results.

However, you can also use the column on the right: it shows a list of categories (artist, composer, label, price, etc.), through which you can further filter your search results.
image Aide
Rather than entering miles davis columbia, click on the "Columbia" link shown in the "Labels" category: out of all of the products already displayed, only those from the Columbia label will remain. Then click on "In the last year" in the "New releases" category to display all the albums connected with Miles Davis released on the Columbia label within the last year.

Sort the results

image Aide By default, search results are sorted in order of relevance. The drop-down menu to the right of "Sort by" allows you to display the results in the desired order.

  • Want to see the least expensive albums first? Click on "Prices: from least expensive to most expensive".
  • Want to start with the albums that have sold the most on Qobuz? Choose "Bestsellers".
  • Or choose "Release date" to sort the albums from newest to oldest.

Precision of search

If you are searching for a precise expression, put quotation marks around your search term. For example, a search for "This is it" will only provide results including the expression "This is it", and not those including the terms "this", "is" and "it" in any other order or combination.

The use of quotation marks is particularly useful if you are searching for artist names (mike oldfield) or exact titles (music of the spheres).

Capital letters, lower case letters and accents

No distinction is made between capital letters, lower case letters and letters with or without accents. Searches for Hélène, HéLèNe and helene will all give the same results.