From the launch a while ago of the version of the Qobuz application for Mac/PC integrating the GoogleCast and UPnP/DLNA functionalities, the developers at Qobuz took care, following the respans made about several theoretically compatible network players that in fact were not, to leave this functionality in beta version.

We made a note in the Qobuz & You #33 article regarding these new functionalities:

Our developers have tested the UPnP/DLNA compatibility with a few devices that were at their disposal but the UPnP protocol isn’t always respected to the letter of the law by manufacturers, and it is possible that some models wouldn’t be detected by the application and wouldn’t appear in the list. If this has happened to you, do not hesitate to notify us so that we can do what must be done.

And it was indeed the case since our Customer Service receives daily emails regarding the UPnP/DLNA compatibility of their network player with Qobuz.

In case you encounter any difficulty, it is important for you to send the activity report so that the Qobuz developers can detect the problem.

To do this:

- Click on your pseudonym (in the top right)

- Choose About in the tabs of the page that is now displayed

- Scroll down the page and go into Help (in the bottom), Activity report and click on Save the activity report

- Save the activity report as a file in the folder of your choice and contact the Qobuz Customer Service by email (and attach the activity report).