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Classical - Released March 24, 2017 | WM Poland - WMI

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Classical - Released March 30, 2018 | WM Poland - WMI

In 2015, when Krzysztof Penderecki wrote his Polonaise for orchestra, to open the 17th International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, he was clearly taking the great man as a model, in particular in the form of the fantasia – an initial theme which is developed, transformed, varied, all in a terrifically rich orchestration which serves as a binding medium for the various and very eclectic elements of the score, which run from folk to the avant-garde. The spatial aspect of the work has a certain spice to it, as during the performance in Warsaw, the woodwind section was placed on the balcony of the Philharmonia. It's a sort of resurrection of the Polonaise, or, as the composer puts it, "a little symphonic poem based on the theme of a Polonaise." As for Weinberg's Polish Melodies, they date from 1950, a time when the composer, who had emigrated to the USSR, narrowly dodged Zhdanov's bullet: he found himself behind bars, and only a courageous intervention from Shostakovich saved him from the executioner. Four pieces of an intense nostalgia recall the composer's Polish youth, with a big dose of frivolity and joy. But sometimes the exuberance seems to be hiding a bear in the forest. The album closes with "Polonia" Symphony in F Major by Emil Młynarski (1870-1935), a musician who is not well-known on our side of the Oder-Neisse line. The work dates from 1910, when he conducted the Scottish Orchestra in Glasgow – and shortly after he had founded the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, which is now conducted here by veteran Jacek Kaspszyk. The orchestra and the conductor know how to bring out the great originality of this score, into which Młynarski has incorporated some Polish accents, but without ever giving way to excessive folklorism. © SM/Qobuz

Classical - Released September 1, 2017 | WM Poland - WMI


Classical - Released November 9, 2018 | WM Poland - WMI


Classical - Released November 12, 2018 | WM Poland - WMI