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Via App

Dylan Scheer produces raw, hardware-based experimental techno under the name Via App. Her work ranges from lush, reflective numbers to more aggressive, distorted tracks, and all of her recordings are captured in real time. Originally from Boston, she later moved to Queens, New York and became part of the city's D.I.Y. electronic music scene. The year 2014 saw the release of her cassettes Pro-V (on Lupin Tapes) and Dangerous Game, as well as an appearance on Khotin's Hello World. The latter two were released by Vancouver-based 1080p, which also released Via App's first vinyl EP, 7 Headed, in 2015. In 2016, Objekt included Scheer's track "From Across the Room" on his mix CD Kern, Vol. 3 (released by Tresor), and the track was also included on the 12" EP Kern, Vol. 3: The Exclusives. Later in the year, Bank Records NYC released Via App's 12" EP Secret Rotation, and Break World Records released her full-length LP Sixth Stitch.
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