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Electronic - Released September 7, 2018 | Columbia

"You love art because it evokes emotions. I go to see films if I want to cry, to feel something. It's poetry." That's how The Blaze explained themselves to the press when they presented their video for Queens, one of the singles from the Parisian duo's first album, Dancehall. It was a hotly-anticipated album: after all, in scarcely a year, with two videos and four tracks, The Blaze shot from anonymity to being the new sensation of French electronic music. The video for their hit Territory, which clocked up millions of YouTube views, played at the Cannes Lions festival 2018 and cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, along with Manu Barron, Brodinski's manager, boarded a flight to go and play at America's most prestigious festival, Coachella.On this first album-length release, The Blaze retain the same method: fine harmonies, a delicate house beat, a filtered voice that whispers in the ear in the style of Fritz Kalkbrenner, and reliably excellent, contemplative intros designed for the exposition sequences in their videos. That's how The Blaze built their brand, with their videos: cinematic short films of family scenes or outings with friends with jumpy camerawork that puts the viewer at the heart of the action, inspiring a kind of addiction to movement. With this ten-track panorama of an album, it's a safe bet that a lot more people will be getting hooked. © Smaël Bouaici/Qobuz