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Rêve Electrique

As Rêve Electrique, Mehdi-Nicolas and Damien keep the best of their rock, folk, and electronic heritage in their new album, “La vie moderne” (12.08.21 - Black Roads Records), a closing chapter of a musical trilogy started in 2019 with “Le monde d’hier”, and “Heure zéro” in 2020.
The album, “the modern life”, unveils a musical experience on the melancholia of our current time.
In this new album, the production, which is full of contrasts with acoustic and modern sounds, values their diverse musical backgrounds. Mehdi-Nicolas was influenced by folk music. Damien began his musical experience in the South American electronic stage under the name of Manil Cacique.
Acoustic and electric guitars, vintage synthesisers and creative beats create a dreamy atmosphere which fits perfectly with the poetic lyrics. The music resonates deeply with our modern times.

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