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Noah Anthony's work as Profligate encompasses noise-encrusted EBM and industrial techno as well as sophisticated darkwave pop. Early releases such as 2014's Finding the Floor demonstrated his skills at crafting abrasive club music, and subsequent works like 2018's Somewhere Else and 2020's Too Numb to Know displayed a refined sense of pop songcraft. A longtime figure of the experimental electronic scene, Anthony was one-half of psychedelic noise rock duo Social Junk (with Heather Young), and also makes cracked, playful techno and abstract sound art as part of the trio Form a Log, with Ren Schofield (Container) and Rick Weaver. From 2009 to 2012, he performed D.I.Y. shows and released numerous tapes of creeped-out rhythmic noise as Night Burger. By the end of the project's run, it had morphed into a sort of industrial/minimal wave project. He continued in this direction with Profligate, which debuted in 2012 with the full-length Come Follow Me (More Records/Hot Releases) and more dance-oriented 12" single "Videotape" (Not Not Fun). The Red Rope EP (DKA Records) and "Can't Stop Shaking" 12" (Gooiland Elektro/Enfant Terrible) followed in 2013. Profligate's second full-length, Finding the Floor, arrived on Not Not Fun at the end of 2014, and the heavy techno EP Extremities was released by Unknown Precept in 2015. Somewhere Else, Profligate's third full-length, was released by Wharf Cat at the beginning of 2018. Far more song-driven than his earlier efforts, the album included more vocals and live instrumentation than previous Profligate recordings. This approach was further developed on 2020's Too Numb to Know, which incorporated acoustic instruments and featured guest appearances from artists like Matchess, Gel Set, and Lazy Magnet.
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