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Poor Moon

Formed in 2008, Poor Moon began as a long-distance collaboration between Fleet Foxes/Crystal Skulls players Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott and brothers Ian and Peter Murray from Bay Area band the Christmas Cards. Following initial songwriting sessions, the band played several shows at Seattle area house parties, always using different names. When they began playing larger shows, they settled on Poor Moon as their moniker, taken from a song by Canned Heat. Recording ensued in a piecemeal fashion in various bedroom studios over the next several years.The side project was slow to form, as its roots began at the same time as Fleet Foxes rise to fame, and Wargo and Wescott were committed to years of touring while Poor Moon sat dormant. In early 2012, a five-song EP entitled Illusion, released by Sup Pop, marked the band's debut. The band's self-titled full length arrived in the late summer of the same year.
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