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Alternative & Indie - Released October 6, 2017 | Abbey Records

Hi-Res Distinctions Qobuzissime
England possesses a unique capacity to reinvent the wheel of rock’n’roll. Although it seems to have been said time and time again, the country regularly gives birth to young groups that come to add their unique stone to an already solidly constructed building. And even if the influences may seem obvious from the outset, each personal touch elbows its way through to the front. Pale Seas belongs to this breed of musicians - the type whose music bursts on the palate from the very first taste. By the sea in Southhampton, the singer Jacob Scott, guitarist Graham Poole, bassist Mathew Bishop and drummer Andrew Richardson drew from the early albums from the likes of Radiohead and Suede in order to establish their own rock’n’roll rulebook. But even though this distinct taste for the English rock of the 90s jumps to mind throughout Stargazing For Beginners, this British foursome manages to draw up a guitar landscape, making their first album truly original. Largely recorded at night in an old Abbey, here’s a Qobuzism disc that teases the animal instincts of guitar band fans. A true revelation. © CM/Qobuz

Rock - Released August 11, 2017 | Abbey Records


Rock - Released August 19, 2012 | Communion Records


Alternative & Indie - Released March 4, 2012 | Destination Moon