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MC Tunes

b. Nicholas Lockett, Manchester, England. This rapper rose to fame by collaborating with local dance music stars 808 State, and later appeared on A Guy Called Gerald’s ‘Juicebox’ single (A Guy Called Gerald also being a former member of 808 State). Whenever Tunes recorded solo, however, he seemed to possess a talent for over-estimating his own abilities. ‘This is a concept of exceptional musical talent’, he rapped on the single, ‘Primary Rhyming’. It was not. His sole album was completed with strong musical backdrops provided by 808 State, but the fierce rendering of tales of inner-city violence and the perils of drink and drugs failed to gel. 808 State moved on to greater achievements while their former sparring partner was banished to obscurity. MC Tunes finally returned in the mid-90s with a new Manchester band, Dust Junkies. Featuring four musicians and a more guitar-orientated style, they were signed by Polydor Records in 1996.
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