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Alternative & Indie - Released January 26, 2018 | LasVegas Records

Distinctions Qobuzissime
Ever since the release of their debut album Spanish Disco in 2015, Leyya’s music has been playing on loop on Austrian radio stations. The two young Vienna-based artists, producer and composer Marco Kleebauer and the singer Sophie Lindinger, have been accomplices since childhood, forming a duo in 2014 that becomes a quartet when they perform live. Their style is dominated by electronic sounds, which they have further developed for their second work, Sauna. Marco’s synth sounds are transformed into dreamy melodies and contemporary pop, enhanced by Sophie’s light, fresh voice that occasionally sounds like Feist. The duo composed the songs during their 2017 European tour, taking the time to reflect, a characteristic that’s not just unique to a Suana by the way. Leyya perform like painters that apply the utmost care to each and every brushstroke. On Sauna, a place for sweating and meeting people, the duo leave the beats running drop by drop (Oh Wow), turn up the heat (Drumsolo, Heat) and let the bubbling be heard (Candy). After this sudorific experience, you can’t help wanting to slide down their rainbow. Leyya transforms winter into summer and colours the fog. A Qobuzissime album that comes out just at the right time! © SD/Qobuz

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