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Electro - Released May 29, 2002 | Hard Hands

Distinctions The Qobuz Ideal Discography - Sélection du Mercury Prize
Leftism spans most of Paul Daley and Neil Barnes' singles output from 1992 to 1995 (excepting only "Not Forgotten") and adds several new tracks. Far from being just a stale progressive house LP, it spans a wide range of influences (tribal, dub, trance) and includes a good mixture of vocal tracks (with Toni Halliday, John Lydon, and Earl Sixteen) and instrumental workouts. ~ John Bush

Pop/Rock - Released September 20, 1999 | Hard Hands - Columbia

Distinctions Sélection du Mercury Prize
Perhaps wishing to move from progressive-house flagwavers to trip-hop super-producers on a par with Massive Attack, Leftfield returned after almost five years of silence with a set of blunted trip-hop jams, stoned to say the least -- though glimmers of their house background do show through. Aside from a few uptempo stormers ("Double Flash," "Swords") reminiscent of a slightly less frenetic Jeff Mills, house fans looking for anthems worthy of "Not Forgotten" might be disappointed. The grooves on Rhythm and Stealth are a bit too languid and the productions a bit too intricate for dancefloor consumption. The one track that might make fans yearn for the heady days of 1993, "El Cid," begins with the ephemeral synth for which Leftfield has been known, but soon moves into breakbeat territory. Hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa makes an appearance on the excellent "Afrika Shox," taking the mic on a brutal electro throwdown. As Rhythm and Stealth shows time and time again, it's definitely not 1993 anymore, and Leftfield has moved on with a grace and mastery of production seldom seen in the dance world. ~ John Bush

Electro - Released May 5, 2017 | Sony Music UK

Hi-Res Distinctions The Qobuz Ideal Discography

Pop/Rock - Released October 1, 2005 | Sony BMG Music UK


Electro - Released May 5, 2017 | Sony Music UK


Electro - Released April 5, 2017 | Sony Music UK


Electro - Released June 8, 2015 | Infectious Music UK - BMG Rights Mgmt

The Matrix and Fight Club were in theaters the last time Leftfield released an album, and in those 16 years, the former duo lost a member as Paul Daley has moved on to a solo career, leaving Neil Barnes the sole proprietor. In spite of this, 2015's Alternative Light Source picks up right where 1999's Rhythm and Stealth left off, and it does so without ignoring the modern sound. "Head and Shoulders," a wobbly highlight that recalls LFO or Mr. Oizo, brings in current group the Sleaford Mods to help bring the album up to time with an indie "dandruff warriors" rap, while Channy Leaneagh of Poliça is an asset to her two tracks, wailing like a progressive house siren should during "Bilocation" and expertly auditioning for Underworld on the robot dancefloor wonder dubbed "Little Fish." The winding "Bad Radio" with Tunde Adebimpe is heavenly, Gary Numan-esque, and a bit like being in a Blade Runner character's head, and yet the complicated number is a perfect example of how Barnes is true to the Leftfield aesthetic, as all these guests are surrounded by dark and spacy house music, sometimes epic and sometimes intricate. The lack of urgency is also welcome, with Alternative Light Source slowly unfurling as the most natural and comfortable Leftfield album to date, and one confident enough to exit on "Levitate for You," a bold and bare R&B song somewhere between Prince and 4hero. ~ David Jeffries

Electro - Released May 11, 2015 | Infectious


Electro - Released April 18, 2015 | Infectious Music UK - BMG Rights Mgmt


Electro - Released March 26, 2015 | Infectious Music UK - BMG Rights Mgmt


House - Released August 19, 2013 | Hope Recordings