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Julia Andersson

Julia Andersson is a minimalist pianist whose emotional compositions invoke the vast forests and mythological beauty of her native Finland. She incorporates elements of jazz, ambient and modern classical to create a meandering style that speaks directly to the heart. She released her debut EP ‘Within, without’ in 2020, its thoughtful harmonies and gentle rhythmic pulses combining to weave a delicate web of nostalgia, reflection and inspiration. She followed this up with her pair of pieces ‘Promise / Sleepy Meadows’ with Moderna Records in the fall of the same year, which have streamed more than 6M times and the 2021 Piano Day special 'Luna'. She arrives in 2023 with her first full length effort, the gorgeous collection of solo piano pieces 'Dröm. The title means 'Dream' in Finnish, which perfectly encapsulates the dreamlike and relaxing nature of the pieces.

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