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Country - Released July 21, 2019 | CMCapNash (N91)

The Legacy 1961-2017 is a revamped version of The Legacy 1961-2002, a four-disc box set originally released in 2003. The big difference between the two sets lies in the fourth disc. In Legacy's first incarnation, the fourth disc was devoted to live material, whereas the 2019 edition dedicates that final CD to Campbell's remarkable 21st century comeback. Thirteen highlights from 2008's Meet Glen Campbell, 2011's Ghost on the Canvas, 2013's See You There, 2015's I'll Be Me, and 2017's Adios comprise this fourth disc, making for a much better conclusion than the grab bag of live cuts from the 2003 box. While it's still possible to quibble about song selection on the three main discs -- there are a handful of minor masterworks like "Christian No" missing and perhaps too much material from the '80s -- overall, the box does an excellent job of telling Campbell's story, especially now that it has a fine final act in place. © Stephen Thomas Erlewine /TiVo

Country - Released December 3, 2002 | Capitol Nashville