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Booklet Distinctions 9 de Classica-Répertoire
As a recording of Elisabeth Schwarzkopf doing operetta, and part of the series of Strauss works that she cut with Ackermann and Karajan, this single-CD is of considerable historical interest. On the other hand, the 1954 sound, despite its richness, is somewhat compressed, and the Philharmonia Orchestra is a little too restrained in its approach to these melodies and waltzes, treating them like absolute music, and so this disc may disappoint those seeking the richness of Strauss' music in all of its glory. Schwarzkopf is in top form, however, and her fans will want to own this regardless; the presence of Emmy Loose is also an inducement. ~ Bruce Eder

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Classical - Released January 1, 1967 | Deutsche Grammophon (DG)

"One of the greatest lieder recordings ever made." That's what every critic who has ever heard Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, and Gerald Moore's 1967 recording of the Wolf's Spanisches Liederbuch. And it's true: the poetic, lyrical, emotional, and musical qualities of Wolf's songs are ideally matched by the singers and their pianist. Both singers are, of course, the preeminent exponents of the exquisite art of singing German art songs in the second half of the twentieth century, and every nuance and subtlety of Wolf's writing is perfectly expressed. And their pianist is unsurpassed in the delicate and tactful art of accompanying singers. Together, they have truly created one of the greatest lieder recordings ever made. But the result seems to be somewhat artificial. The art song is a highly artificial medium of artistic expression and performing art songs is as highly stylized an artistic endeavor as writing a sonnet in iambic pentameter. Nevertheless, for all the excellences of Schwarzkopf and Fischer-Dieskau's performances, their performances seem to be too objective, too distant, and too removed from the music to be truly effective. Their performances, as wonderful as they are, are more impressive than moving. Still, despite any reservations, this is one of the greatest lieder recordings ever made.

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Classical - Released July 1, 2000 | Warner Classics


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