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Techno - Released December 1, 2013 | Red River Entertainment

Distinctions The Qobuz Ideal Discography - Pitchfork: Best New Reissue
The only old-school electro LP with any amount of staying power (thanks in part to its release on Fantasy), Enter includes crucial early singles like "Alleys of Your Mind" and "Cosmic Cars," as well as techno's first defining moment, "Clear." The collision of Atkins' vision for cosmic funk and the arena rock instincts of Rick Davis results in a surprisingly cohesive album, dated for all the right reasons and quite pop-minded. Ecological and political statements even crop up in "Cosmic Raindance" and "El Salvador." In 1990, Fantasy reissued the album with a new title (Clear) and a different track order that added "R-9" (1985) as a bonus. In 2013, the album was reissued again, this time under its original title and with several additional tracks, including "Techno City" (1984) and "Eden" (1986). One drawback: the bonus track listed as "Cosmic Cars [Detroit Style Mix]" is a duplication of the album version. ~ John Bush

Classical - Released December 27, 2013 | inak


Electro - Released January 1, 1995 | Concord Records

Ranked #36 in Mojo's "The 50 Most Out There Albums Of All Time" - "CYBER GHETTO gets as far out as black science fiction can, and then further..."

Jazz - Released January 1, 1990 | Concord Records