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Funk - Released September 20, 2019 | Label Bleu


Jazz - Released October 19, 2009 | Label Bleu

Abraham Inc. is a joint project of clarinetist David Krakauer and trombonist Fred Wesley, melding Jewish klezmer with the rhythm & blues of James Brown to form a unique amalgam. It's dance music for sure with a heady overview where jazz improvisation is mixed in with the infectious beats of urban soul. Krakauer and Wesley's ventures in this kind of crossover music is nothing new, but the way they approach it is indeed something else. Help also comes from guitarist Sheryl Bailey, who plays lead or wah-wah, electric bass guitar veteran Jerome Harris, and various singers. Several traditional themes are adapted to funk, though even a techno mix, rap, Jewish pop, or sexy song like "Push" creeps in. Their take on "Hava Negila" aka "The H Tune" has a distinct uptown, metropolitan vibe, "Trombonik" is fast and fatback, with "Moskowitz Remix" having a purer klezmer identity, while "Fred the Tzadik" fully features Wesley's pronounced and solid-sounding trombone. This recording is nothing but fun, a ball for all ages, and shows what can be done when generational barriers are broken down. ~ Michael G. Nastos

Funk - Released July 19, 2019 | Label Bleu