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Why you should support Qobuz...

By Yves Riesel |

Qobuz is defending the virtues of music, sound and culture - here's why you should support us!

A word from Yves Riesel, CEO and founder of Qobuz, regarding why you should support us...

- It's not because Qobuz has done things well in the area of sound quality that you should support us. We took this approach - this opportunity - because we knew that there was a need to end the ‘MP3’ era of compressed music. We knew that music lovers, as well as producers and artists, would support us in this approach.

- It's not because we're European you need support Qobuz, nor because we are small and worthy. The fact is that the quality of our service should be at the highest standards - you do not choose Qobuz out of pity, but because the service we offer (and will continue to offer) is comparable or better to the strongest of our competitors.

- It is not because our music catalogue is larger than the others. If it is a little smaller, it is (in the vast majority of cases) because we vigilantly control our ingestion at the door of, sorting and avoiding confusion with the infinite number of Public Domain titles released every dat. Yes, our catalogue is smaller than the others - it is because we exclude incessantly content which is unnecessary or adulterated.

- It's not because you love classical music that you love Qobuz. Despite what is said, the kind of music favoured by the majority of our users is classic rock (30%). With Qobuz, however, when we’ve had enough rock and roll, we return to classical music, finding our preferences, as well as receiving expert advice not found elsewhere.

- It is not because you are a young person from a good family who (legitimately!) downloads your electronic music in Hi-Res that you should support Qobuz. According to our recent survey, 15% of our downloaders are between 18 and 29 years old. Who said that young people were only interested in streaming when it comes to online music?

- It's not because you're old and stubborn towards technology and modernism that you should support Qobuz. According to the aforementioned survey, 51% of our streaming subscribers are between the ages of 40 and 60 years old! Amazing, right? And if we consider all our subscribers, those above the age of 40 account for over 70%.

- It's not because you're a pure discophile that you should support Qobuz. 35% of Qobuz users practice a musical instrument. In the real world, this figure is about 10%.

- Finally, it is not because Qobuz gives you the musical advice you need that you should support us. 44% of you claim not to want to be influenced in their choice of listening by our recommendations. Rebels, indeed - and do you know what they say to mathematical algorithms, these rebels? They prefer our human system of recommendations, our Qobuzisms, etc, because trained human ears have chosen them.

In Short....

- Because we love freedom, like you. For us and for others.

- Because our team is made up of singers and instrumentalists.

- Because you're so old you annoy the young idiots – or because you're young and you annoy the old idiots.

- Because streaming is not a musical category for you, it's just another listening option.

- Because you love hard rock and Maria Callas, and when left alone to wander the Qobuz catalogue, nothing can stop you from listening to them.

- For you, quantity does not equal quality. The sheer number of available titles is less important than the certainty of finding what you want.
- Because you're an Englishman from Sheffield, your record store has closed and you realize that Qobuz is in fact a better option; it’s cheaper and they’re always someone to help you find what you need.

- Because you’re not actually too pushed on Hi-Res quality, but that 100% of the Qobuz catalogue is available for streaming/downloading in True CD Quality, on all our applications, at home or on-the-go.

- Because Qobuz is not a service designed solely for hi-fi enthusiasts, as is claimed in the media more often than not.

- Because Qobuz is an online business merchant dedicated to music culture; a place where you can exchange some money against the freedom to choose what you want to listen, when, and how.


In the context we are facing, we ask our customers to trust us and not to lose faith! We have explained recently in our blog why there is no risk to continue to shop and subscribe to Qobuz. The service will not close overnight - on the contrary, we expect the current period to end quickly and our company to kick on from more solid foundations.

The announcements we made were intended to publicize our struggle as a call to action. It seems that we have already been heard by a lot of people. The results are yet to come, but you, the customers and subscribers to Qobuz, will have your say – the best way to support the service you love is by not letting go now.

The Situation at Qobuz

As explained in our blog three days ago, Qobuz was placed in receivership as of Monday, November 16th. This situation is the outcome of a backup situation into which the company was placed in August 2014, after which it was judged impossible to conceive a backup plan internally. The new situation of bankruptcy will allow buyers who have already expressed interest, and others who have presented themselves in recent days, to position themselves as leaders for the future of our beloved company. The Qobuz team is fully mobilized so as to ensure that any tender offers that arise respect the identity of your online music service.

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