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Avishai Cohen, back to basics

With "Arvoles", the Israeli jazz double bassist returns to the fundamentals of his colourful, lyrical and poetic jazz...

By Marc Zisman | Video of the Day | June 16, 2019

This music I give you is straight from my heart. I hope it moves you and uplifts your soul.” With Arvoles, Avishai Cohen’s intentions are quite clear. The Israeli double bass player even detailed them in his album booklet. After several recordings – some of which being pop – that prominently featured his voice, he now returns to the territory of pure jazz.

Along with his faithful trio featuring pianist Elchin Shirinov and drummer Noam David – a supporting cast expanded on four tracks with trombonist Björn Samuelsson and flutist Anders Hagberg –, Avishai Cohen expresses his trademark poetic virtuosity in particularly lyrical compositions.

Themes with strong melodies that leave ample room for improvisation, and brilliantly playing hide-and-seek with grooves and rhythms. As always with him, the music is filled with influences ranging from classical music to be-bop and Afro-Caribbean rhythms…

With its beautiful cover art designed by his mother Ora Cohen, Arvoles appears to be the record of a lifetime: the performance of a 49-year-old artist trying to look back, as much as forward. In this regard, themes featuring wind instruments provide stunning nostalgic flourishes.

The entire album is loaded with this feeling of nostalgia, like on Childhood, New York 90’s, or the aptly titled NostalgiaArvoles is yet another proof of Cohen’s gifts as a composer. Rarely before has Avishai Cohen’s writing been so inspired.


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