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Marika Hacks Away at The Patriarchy

Marika Hackman is back with a strong political message about sex and the portrayal of LGBTQs in the music industry.

By Alexis Renaudat | News of the day | August 9, 2019

Following I’m Not Your Man (2017), the British singer-songwriter Marika Hackman is back with a third album, Any Human Friend. For this release, she’s distanced herself from the ethereal folk sound that had up to this point come to define her, turning towards edgier soft rock with sharper arrangements. Through her oft-deadpan vocals, Hackman provides graphic descriptions of her sexual life, alone as well as in the context of her lesbian relationship. The aim being of course to shed some light on the representational double-standards in the music industry. Tracks such as all night or hand solo exemplify a sort of extreme vulgarity that contrasts with her light, nearly innocent tone of voice. The backdrop to these tales of love and lust is her own struggle with solitude, which comes to its climax on any human friend, a statement about the cold paralysis in the end-stages of a relationship. The chamber-pop instrumental, with synths and melancholy backing vocals, is notable for its lack of lyrics, exemplifying the death of the inter-relationship dialogue which had characterized the ten previous tracks. © Alexis Renaudat/Qobuz

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