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Jamie Cullum : “Putting Life Before Music”

By Charlotte Saintoin |

We met with the British singer-songwriter to discuss the release of his multi-faceted 8th album, "Taller".

On the cusp of his 40th birthday, Jamie Cullum has come out with a stunning 8th opus, Taller. Its greatest strength: on-point orchestral arrangements, which are the key to the record’s balanced, homogeneous sound, despite its rich stylistic diversity – from funk to pop, borrowing from gospel along the way.

For this album, the lyrics preceded the music. Rightfully so: it is exceedingly personal, tackling the woes of modern society, fatherhood, the artist’s role, all as a result of the Englishman’s long and insightful introspective journey. Jamie Cullum told us about his writing process, and his biggest revelation, bordering on a therapeutic breakthrough: the notion that self-care is an obvious necessity in order to become a better musician. Taller is as symbolic as titles get; only now has its true meaning been revealed.


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