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Wasapi Exclusive Mode and Devialet Air - Listening to 5.1 files in stereo?

By Abigail Church | Qobuz & you | October 19, 2017

As a consequence of a problem encountered by one of our subscribers using the Devialet Air streaming application and the Qobuz application on PC, we’ll tackle these points in this article.

The Devialet Air streaming application is available for PC and for Mac. It allows you to stream towards an amplifier from the brand, on which you’ll have selected the Wi-Fi connection as a source and set up, from a software player like Foobar2000 on PC, for example, and also with the Qobuz application for PC or Mac.

You can of course use it with the Wasapi and Wasapi Exclusive modes.

It turns out that our subscriber experiences difficulties in Wasapi Exclusive mode on the Devialet Air connection with the Qobuz application on PC, and not with software players.

We have thus tried (but we’d already checked this functionality without having any problem) and the fact is that Wasapi Exclusive on the Qobuz application also caused problems for us, and we also noticed this issue with two other DACs in our possession, but these problems developed a bit later… So, is it because we installed Devialet Air?

We have nonetheless forwarded those concerns and the remark from our subscriber to the Technical Support and we’ll try again this manipulation to see if the problem arises once again.


From time to time, the matter of listening to audio files in multichannel mode resurfaces and this is one of our Belgian (and multilingual) subscriber that got back to us with this issue.


How can I play a downloaded 5.1 surround FLAC or WAV file through my AudioNet DNC DAC that is only stereo ?
I suppose I will have to make a workaround and use my HDMI output from my tablet and put it directly into my Hometheater Surround processor in a HDMI input to listen to 5.1 sound ?
On my tablet I use MediaMonkey audioplayer that supports multichannel output, as well as JRiver.

Thanks for any further advise on this. You can write in Dutch, French, German or English to me.

Our answer


To be honest, we don’t really see how a DAC meant to play stereo files could work with 5.1 surround files…

Indeed, as you surmised, the solution consists in using a device meant for decoding this type of file, as it happens a surround processor equipped with HDMI inputs and a computer or a tablet possessing a HDMI output, the only type of connector that can deliver multichannel files from a computer, apart from, maybe, some S/PDIF sound cards on desktop computers, but this goes beyond the scope of our abilities and knowledge.

We already had the opportunity to play multichannel files from a laptop equipped with a HDMI connector and with Foobar2000 as a player, and have published several articles on the subject.



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