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Metronomy: Interview with Qobuz

By Barry Moore |

Interview with Joseph Mount, the brain behind Metronomy. With the groups 4th and highly acclaimed album release “Love Letters”, Mount exorcises his musical demons as he mixes pop, electro and even funk to devastating effect.

Having warmed up the musical masses with previous album “The English Riviera”, Joseph and his Metronomy apostles have delivered an impressive fourth album entitled “Love Letters”. A daring effort that boasts a very vintage soul groove and contagiously constructed melodies. Mount openly wished to move away from the "big" sound of English Riviera to return to a more sober, simple and meaningful approach. Metronomy’s Love Letters were recorded at the highest quality in Toe Rag studio, where the White Stripes recorded album “Elephant”. In high quality this release really soars, with the beautiful melodies wrapped up in the warm analog sound. With Love Letters, Metronomy have produced an ambitious and risky release that reeks of greatness. We managed to catch up with Joseph at the legendary Ferber studio to hear more about the album…


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