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Jordi Savall Completes his Beethoven Collection

By Pierre-Yves Lascar |

At the head of the Concert des Nations, the great Catalan conductor continues his complete symphonies of the Bonn Master...

With his new album Beethoven Revolution - Symphonies 6 - 9, Jordi Savall and his Concert des Nations complete their Beethovenian journey, with the four last symphonies of the Bonn Master, recorded in Paris in the autumn of 2021 (on the 5th of October for the 6th and 7th Symphonies, and on the 15th of October for the 8th and 9th Symphonies) on the occasion of two concerts at the Philharmonie de Paris, thus bringing to a close their two-year concert series at this venue.

The fine qualities of the first volume released in the summer of 2020 are repeated here. These recordings reflect a rather alert, incisive Beethoven - in accents, rhythms, articulations, and which, strangely in these symphonies of the composer's "full" maturity, also recalls Haydn and Mozart. Yet, clearly, the textures are becoming denser, the desks ever more tame in their greater freedom - timpani lovers will be very happy here!

What Beethoven invented at the beginning of the nineteenth century, in terms of timbres and new colours, with the Symphonies No.3 and No.4 in particular, he naturally consolidated in the later symphonies, to the point of transforming symphonic composition for the foreseeable future: if Symphony No.7 is argued to be the absolute and singular Everest of the symphonic repertoire, it is not only for its choreographic spirit (never again found in the genre), but perhaps also for the most radiant affirmation possible of the Beethoven spirit. His style of writing in blocks that are intrinsically linked by polyphonic interplay, a writing that is massive and yet exultant.

Throughout his project, Jordi Savall has kept in mind the decisive impact on the history of music that the Beethoven revolution had.


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