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Yann Tiersen : "Music is a kind of shamanic thing."

By Marc Zisman |

An exclusive meeting with the Breton musician on the occasion of the release of "Kerber", an album full of electronics dedicated to the island of Ushant where he has lived for several years...

Since The Waltz of the Monsters, his first album released in 1995, we can't blame Yann Tiersen for resting on his laurels or stagnating creatively speaking... The now fifty-year-old from Rennes who dropped anchor in Ushant makes each of his records a snapshot of his brain in turmoil. His latest release, Kerber, is a new ode to his adopted island, for which he kneads the electronic material with genius. Tiersen discusses this magnificent release, Kerber but also his Ushantine recording studio, his relationship between acoustic and electronic and the evolution of his own compositions. Tiersen confides in Qobuz without tongue in cheek.


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