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Les Amazones d'Afrique: "We are going to war with violence against women."

By Marc Zisman |

A meeting with Mamani Keita, Fafa Ruffino, Kandy Guira and Niariu, four Amazones d'Afrique who give us more detail about the feminist battle at the core of their second (Qobuzissime!) album: "Amazones Power", which sees the supergroup unite great voices from the African continent.

With Amazones Power, their second album released with Real World (the label founded by Peter Gabriel), the Amazones d'Afrique continue their fight for women's rights. Started in 2015, the female supergroup which began with primarily West African singers is broadening its horizons. New countries (notably the Algerian artist Nacera Ouali Mesbah), new generations (the young Niariu on the album cover), new styles but still one common enemy: violence against women around the world.

Their words, their message and their demands are combined by the Amazones d'Afrique with an electric production created by Liam Farrell, aka Doctor L. A Qobuzissime album which allows Mamani Keita, Fafa Ruffino, Kandy Guira and Niariu, four of these symbolic Amazones d'Afrique, to bring awareness to the hugely important issues which affects all generations.

In this interview (which has English subtitles available), they go into more detail about the origins of the group's name, their inspirations, and the importance of their music in the fight against women's violence.


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