Ziggy Marley, rebellious

Ziggy Marley releases the powerful Rebellion Rises, his seventh studio album...

By Smaël Bouaici | Video of the Day | June 9, 2018

Ziggy Marley is back and he’s got things to say. Rebellion Rises, his seventh studio album since he left his brothers and sisters gained within the Melody Makers (in 2003), opens up with See Dem Fake Leaders which denounces those religious and political leaders “Riding a wave of fear, Starting fires”. Up to the title track and final single, faithful to the principles of Rasta reggae, he keeps advocating a change of direction (Change Your World, which contains all the elements from the traditional modern folksy reggae hit), or even a worldwide revolution (on the more digital Word Revolution), carried by a voice which still resemble his father’s like two peas in a pod.

After several albums which mostly preached love and fresh grass, Ziggy has thus decided to not mince his words anymore. And even if all those big words are encapsulated in “sweet songs” without too much roughness, the political turn is unapologetic, as confirmed by I Am A Human, in which he sends back ideologies and fanatics to their studies. It would seem that Bob Marley’s eldest son—it is him who took over following the death of the Jamaican icon in 1981—is finally ready to take on the role of politician that his father had. And this makes things a lot more interesting now.


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