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What do you think about... Declan McKenna?

The young British singer surprises us with his first studio album "What Do You Think About The Car" ... a Qobuzissime album!

By Marc Zisman | Video of the Day | July 23, 2017

In the spring of 2016, when Declan McKenna released his EP Stains at only sixteen, it was hard not to label him as the new little pop whiz… Sixteen years old, yes, this really was the age of this Britton who won the Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition the year before. Such a mastery of composing, singing and guitar even leaves one speechless. And what makes this even more incredible is that McKenna didn’t limit himself to one musical genre, but was rather exploring rock, blues, folk and pop. Even better, he was even raising awareness in some texts like Brazil, in which he was denouncing the corruption within the FIFA. This Brazil, but also Paracetamol, two songs on this EP, will be on What Do You Think About The Car ?, his first studio album, an impeccable execution of modern pop. It’s a pop coming from a youngling knowing all the classics of this genre (he has of course spent all his childhood listening to the Beatles’ discs), but who’s also grown up listening to all kinds of music. A multicolor sonic range shines in every corner of this album, in which the invigorating energy of the compositions is there to assist this engaged prose. You can revel in this prose notably on Brazil, but also on Make Me Your Queen, where he addresses the notion of gender. With extremely catchy tunes complemented by powerful and never naïve lyrics, Declan McKenna appears to be the potential spokesperson of this generation Z, which is much more engaged than it might seem. It is no surprise then that an artist as involved and indomitable as Nina Simone would rank among the idols of this young songwriter. A Qobuzism album.

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