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TLC, back to the 90’s

T-Boz and Chilli revive the flame of their vintage R&B ...

By David Servant | Video of the Day | July 18, 2017

Thanks to a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, TLC was able to record the final chapter of an adventure started in 1991. The target - $150,000 - was reached in less than 48 hours, thanks in part to prestigious donators such as the New Kids On The Block ($10,000) and Katy Perry ($5,000)…

With their eponymous TLC, T-Boz and Chilli produced a fifth opus to please their long-time fans. And most importantly this LP is their first proper album since the death of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes in a car accident in 2002… We once again savour a subtle cocktail of light R&B and suave pop, punctuated with hip-hop and soul. A recipe reminiscent of the 90s that has aged well thanks in part to a rather contemporary production without it falling into musical opportunism. A reference to G-funk here (the sunny and 100% lover single Way Back with Snoop Dogg), a folk ballad there (Start A Fire) and an omnipresent sensual groove: TLC raises its shield of eclecticism with undeniable charisma.

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