Shooter Jennings : C.O.U.N.T.R.Y is the real thing !

What future is there for you, if not music, when your parents are Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter?

By Clara Bismuth | Video of the Day | August 10, 2018

For Shooter Jennings, it is a heavy legacy he carries with him – one that’s almost impossible to compete with. Like Hank Jr, this son of had to find his own musical identity.

With his authentic character and a passion for guns, outlaws and good old Tennessee, Shooter Jennings represents contemporary Southern country rock. His first album in 2004 Put The O Back In Country , confirmed his love for George Jones.

With his redneck look, his slightly nasal voice, his offbeat and imperfect albums, it's hard not to feel a certain tenderness for Waylon's son. For this eponymous album, this country-rock-electronica maniac pays homage to... Giorgio Moroder! Yes that’s right, the pope of disco himself. Supported by Dave Cobb, this is the most country album of Jennings’ career to date. An atmosphere that is only further confirmed on the tracks Rhinestone Eyes and Do You Love Texas?.


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