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Prince: 1999 in 2019!

The Minneapolis master's groundbreaking album which came out in 1982 is now being reissued in a Super Deluxe Edition in Hi-Res 24-Bit quality, with plenty of bonuses including several previously unreleased tracks. What a treasure!

By Marc Zisman | Video of the Day | November 29, 2019

37 years after its release, what's left of Prince's 1999? With his fifth studio album, Rogers Nelson was seeing double.

11 tracks published on two discs in October 1982: goodbye stripped back electro-funk, Prince is now in the era of excess! His once-understated and powerful songs make way for decadent and opulent mini-operas. The funk his previous music was subscribed to transforms into something more substantial, more pop, rock'n'roll, even new wave. His voice is enveloped in a fascinating echo and the beats are dictated to by avant-garde, electronic sounds. The guitar sections seem to be out of this world... the Prince sound is born, and would go on to influence a large part of the music of the 80s.

With this masterpiece, which has not aged one bit, Prince would finally dominate the charts with hits such as 1999, Little Red Corvette and Delirious.

This incredible Super Deluxe Edition of 1999, out today, is made up of the original album entirely remastered in Hi-Res 24-Bit quality, along with a whole raft of new content. The compilation includes 23 new tracks, including demos, promo versions, singles, remixes, and live recordings (from a concert in Detroit on November 30th 1982).

This treasure will certainly please the fans but will appeal to everyone; an XXL version of Possessed, an uncut version of Delirious and live studio versions of International Lover (without falsetto) are just some of the highlights in store. This 5-star re-edition is also remarkable for containing so many previously unheard tracks. A real blast back to the 80s.

With Money Don't Grow On Trees, Rearrange, Bold Generation, Purple Music, You're All I Want and Vagina, none of which sound like they are scraping the barrel, the Minneapolis master's genius is once again confirmed.

Two years later, Purple Rain would be released. The Prince of Minneapolis would become Prince of the world...


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