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Playboi Carti, forever lit

Playboi Carti pushes the boundaries of rap music with his first studio album and he stays lit in the process...

By Aurélien Chapuis | Video of the Day | June 11, 2018

Without any project and only a few musical extracts, Playboi Carti has become a muse for this generation that is as sensitive to social media presence as to musical creations. With a mixtape and above all his track “Magnolia”, he proved his early fans right, inventing a completely minimalist style by associating with a visionary and atypical producer, Pi’erre Bourne. For this first studio album, released unexpectedly, Playboi Carti and Pi’erre Bourne state on 19 tracks all the ideas suggested in “Magnolia”. A science of texture and sound research is combined to perfect placement, sometimes repeated on loop for entire measures. By stripping down rap to its purest form, the duo engraves their creation as almost concrete electronic music, disorienting the audience in the middle of a maze of syllables and small synthetic sounds. Sometimes surrealist or just from daily life, Playboi Carti’s sentences seem to float in time and space, offering in the course of the tracks a permanent dizziness, a unique experience in current rap. Even the guests like Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj or Chief Keef are broken down in this molecular cuisine in which each atom is multiplied to get the essence of it. With Die Lit, Playboi Carti’s music has become inseparable from Pi’erre Bourne’s work. It is thus an invitation to extreme dance, an almost sensory trip, a new way of thinking for rap music in 2018.


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