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Nico and Gatto Ciliegia Contro Il Grande Freddo

It's the soundtrack from the new film Nico 1988...

By Nicolas Magenham | Video of the Day | June 7, 2018

Nico 1988 tells the final moments in the life of Christa Päffgen, alias Nico, known as the singer in Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol's muse. From Paris to Prague via Manchester, Poland and Italy, this biopic shows us an extraordinary artist but also a woman battling her heroin addiction.

Director Susanna Nicchiarelli's idea was to structure Nico 1988 around music. She explains: "The film is constructed around Nico's musical inspirations: her performances and the words of her songs." To pull off this project, she made the curious but interesting choice of having Nico's songs performed by a new artist, Trine Dyrholm, using arrangements from the Italian experimental music group Gatto Ciliegia Contro il Grande Freddo. The group's generally electronic approach allows them to bring a contemporary feel to the film, but also to lend it a universal aspect.

Among the album's striking covers, special mention must go to All Tomorrow's Parties(taken from The Velvet Underground & Nico from 1967) and above all the very moving, esoteric My Only Child (taken from her third, 1970 album Desertshore).

Listen to NICO 1988 by Gatto Ciliegia Contro Il Grande Freddo

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