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Maud Geffray: a new era of Glass

This solo venture released by one half of Scratch Massive was inspired by none other than Philip Glass.

By Smaël Bouaici | Video of the Day | October 28, 2019

Still as active as ever, Maud Geffray keeps up a rhythm of one album a year. Since her last solo album in 2017 (Polaar, a record inspired from a trip to Lapland), she teamed up with Sébastien Chenut for Scratch Massive’s latest EP - Garden of Love - in 2018.

That same year, the musical magazine Sourdoreille and La Compagnie des Indes invited her to take part in a series of concerts entitled Variations which brought together renowned musicians with an elite group of electronic producers on stage for “a repertoire of art music”.

Maud Geffray found herself alongside the Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer and together they revisited Philip Glass’ pieces Einstein on the Beach and The Photographer. Those two compositions served as the basis for Still Life, which quickly turned into an “inspired by Philip Glass” record.

Feeling the need to “detach herself from him”, Maud Geffray plunged the master’s scores into her ocean of drones and dark synths, skilfully playing in counterpoint with Lavinia Meijer’s harp. The result is a truly exhilarating record.


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