IAMDDB: Space Breaks and Diary Entries

Few artists are able to so clearly represent their personalities on a mixtape as IAMDBB, as she jumps from sci-fi monologues to a spoken thank-you notes introlude

By Charlotte Saintoin | Video of the Day | March 22, 2019

Is IAMDDB the latest sensation of UK’s R&B new wave? It’s very possible as Diana Debrito is putting Manchester back on the musical map, and not only thanks to her viral “Bad Bitch, No Underwear” line which was sung on the trap banger Shade. The singer, half British, half Congolese just dropped her fifth album Swervvvvv.5 featuring the first cover of her career. Diana’s first four records (Waeveybby Vol. 1 from 2016, Vibe Vol.2 from 2017, Hoodrich Vol. 3 also released in 2017, and Flightmode Vol. 4 from 2018), were organized as a trip. As an opening statement of this record, she proclaims: “I'll always support my own vision, no matter what”. After this prelude follow eleven tracks, two interludes and one outro. We can still hear Erykah Badu’s influence (Give Me Something) as well as flavorings of Zap Mama (Urban Jazz) when she collaborated with DJ Krush, at a time when Indie R&B and experimental hip-hop walked hand in hand. In her vocal nonchalance, IAMDDB often channels Jorja Smith (Diary Entries), but on this album she is also leaning towards trap with productions controlled by Drae Da Skimask, the new musical genius from London who cherishes slow-motion jams and urban jazz.


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