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Golden ball, out of tune...

When football and music don’t match...

By Marc Zisman | Video of the Day | June 14, 2018

Apart from those who are just waking up from a long sleep, it is absolutely impossible not to be aware of the Fifa World Cup starting today in Russia. Whether they shine thanks to their footwork or their haircut, football stars who caught the mic’ often brought a lot of pain to human ears.

This selection of hilarious and shameful videos is the proof. And it still gets worse by watching them! From Ronaldo, Gascoigne and Cruyff to Djorkaeff, Boli and many others. Not for the fainthearted !

Cristiano Ronaldo :

Basile Boli et Charis Waddle :

Paul Gascoigne :

Youri Djorkaeff :

Johan Cruyff :

Joël Bats :

Marius Trésor :

Kevin Keegan :

Alexander Frei :

Glenn Hoddle et Chris Waddle :

Andy Cole :

Ian Wright :

Pascal Olmeta :

Lukas Podolski :

Et le meilleur pour la fin, l'équipe d'Allemagne de 1994 avec le groupe Village People. Un euh... vrai sommet musical :

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