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Fakear pushes his limits!

The Frenchman is creating waves with his new album All Glows, as he mesmerizes us on his beat pad...

By Sylvain Di Cristo | Video of the Day | April 22, 2018

While he might have chosen his stage name in the same way as our favourite French robots Daft Punk selected theirs, the young Caen native's music is completely different, except perhaps for his ambition to speak to the widest possible audience. After his hit first album Animal back in 2016 (whose single La Lune Rousse has become a fixture of playlists and festivals ever since), the beatmaker says that he plans to take a "flashy and psychedelic, imaginative and graphic" path for this second, pleasant, cosmic opus.

Still pushing the outer limit of electronica and hip-hop, between MAO and MPC, Fakear doesn't hide the influence of the Englishman Bonobo, for whom he opened on his US tour. That explains a lot: but not the almost-systematic use of vocal sampling, which is becoming Fakear's hallmark.


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