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Exclusive: Watch Marianne Faithfull's new music video

By Marc Zisman |

With "Born to Live", Queen Marianne pays tribute to Anita Pallenberg, her partner in crime who passed away in 2017. Qobuz presents to you the pre-released music video directed by John Maybury.

At the heart of her album Negative Capability released in November 2018, Marianne Faithfull had made a beautiful song like no other: Born to Live, written in tribute to her friend Anita Pallenberg, who died in June 2017. Qobuz presents the music video directed by John Maybury as an exclusive pre-release. A video mixing personal and unpublished images of the two friends, women and mothers.

"I wrote this song soon after Anita’s passing. I was still in shock at that loss and I still can’t quite get over the pain of her absence after such a long and unique 54 year friendship. We lived through Rock 'N’ Roll History, the chaos of our love lives, and we always remained available to each other. I wanted to pay tribute to our exceptional friendship by using footage from our personal archives, memories of a trip we took at the end of the '60s n South America. I was always in awe of the way Anita lived her life, and now, of the way she left it. The truth is, you have to accept it, to let go, to go with the flow, and be fortunate enough to be loved and surrounded by the ones you love. That’s how it went for Anita. Death can be peaceful, beautiful and filled with grace.

There’s nothing to be all that afraid of."

During the release of Negative Capability, Marianne Faithfull spoke to Qobuz at her home in Paris, to discuss the new album and to give some thoughts about her past, and her present:


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