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Deadpool 2

It's the sequel to the extremely successful Deadpool film, and there's an excellent soundtrack to go along with it...

By Nicolas Magenham | Video of the Day | June 4, 2018

An action comedy where the protagonist (played by Ryan Reynolds) is an offbeat and insolent superhero/antihero, the Deadpool saga spoofs comic books without laying it on too thick. While self-mockery is the hallmark of what is and always has been a cult series, the music is, contrariwise, played straight, as it the hard and fast action that surrounds this madcap humour.

Following Junkie XL, it's Tyler Bates, a composer who was drawn to film maker David Leitch (Atomic Blonde), who has been tasked with bringing out the big guns. “The music’s role isn’t to add comedy, it’s already funny as hell. It’s mostly to stay out of the way and complement the action and emotional scenes", says the author of the scores to Watchmen and John Wick. On top of electronic and symphonic colours that are generally considered as rigour for contemporary action films, Tyler Bates has added a touch of rock to the musical sauce, in particular using a distorted guitar with a wah-wah pedal (Hello Super Powers). Choirs play an important role in this soundtrack, in particular in the piece Fighting Dirty. It contributes, as much as the percussion section, to the extraordinary power of this remarkably effective soundtrack, which is sure to win over fans of musical testosterone.


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