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Cool, addictive and simple

With his long hair, nonchalance attitude and baggy t-shirts, Kurt Vile has been ticking all the boxes on the “cool” list for over ten years without ever looking silly.

By Charlotte Saintoin | Video of the Day | October 14, 2018

From the hazy folk-rock of Childish Prodigy to B'lieve I'm Going Down and its disjointed rhythms, the man who recently released the atomic bomb Lotta Sea Lice (2017) with his Australian alter-ego Courtney Barnett, is back as a solo artist. With Bottle It In, Kurt Vile continues to develop his style and is far from finished. You can’t help but press the loop button on these thirteen laid-back, cheeky and well-polished rock tracks. Vile draws inspiration from Terry Allen's Juarez (1975), the outstanding Texan songwriter and little-known pioneer of outlaw country.

Whether it's in the analogies drawn out in Bassackwards (an impeccable single of Pretty Pimpin’s calibre) or country-folk ballads (the cover of Charlie Rich’s Rolling With The Flow), Kurt Vile reveals his solid lo-fi guitars in an astonishingly simple manner. Sometimes the tracks are even a little grubby and saturated (Check Baby). But they’re always addictive. Produced by Rob Schnapf and Peter Katis, this seventh album features his good friend Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth (Mutinies), Cass McCombs, harpist Mary Lattimore and drummer Stella Mozgawa from Warpaint (Bassackwards). Magic.


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