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Chloé, chapter 3

The most fascinating new album off all DJettes...

By Abigail Church | Video of the Day | November 1, 2017

Seven years after One In Other, Chloé has decided to bring out a third album, Endless Revisions with her label Lumière Noire. For this Pope of electro, three albums across a more than twenty-year reign is not a lot. But, as the saying goes, something something quantity something something quality... Those who have been following her since the Pulp and Rex years know that Chloé has always followed her desires, her own rules and her whims, and has never been one for following fashions, or for observing boundaries or labels.

"I waited a long time to make this album because I didn't want to impose deadlines on myself for long formats: that doesn't stimulate my creativity. For a few years now, people have been proposing interesting collaborations; I've composed for the cinema with Lidia Terki's Paris La Blanche, collaborated with Ircam for a live interactive project (Chloé X Ircam) and reinterpreted Steve Reich with percussionist Vassilena Serafimova... These opportunities forced me to get out of the studio and encounter other worlds, which allowed me to grow. I think that now I've got some new things to say."

These "new things to say" fuse wonderfully here with Chloé's fundamentals. This richly-layered record travels across some very different terrains. Adept at a certain kind of starkness, she leaves a lot of space in her compositions, never over-loading her productions, her sounds or her beats. Often mysterious, sometimes atmospheric and inevitably fascinating, this is an essential album for its ability to move from light to shadow in a fraction of a second. Also note that Ben Shemie from Suuns is brought in for one track, as is another, rather unexpected guest, a certain… Alain Chamfort!

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