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Ariel Pocock, the clear line

A new jazz voice from across the Atlantic ...

By David Servant | Video of the Day | July 4, 2017

A touching voice, a well-mastered piano, the eternal standards of Ray Nobles or Cole Porter, a cloud of bossa nova and some covers of songs by Adele or Sufjan Stevens: on paper, you might well yawn at Ariel Pocock. But in real life: no-one's yawning! All the elements are in place to make the young Seattle native nothing more than yet another "nice" jazz singer: but her talent goes far beyond the noisy clichés. Touchstone, her first album, released in 2015, had already caused experienced ears to prick up. On Living In Twilight which she recorded with Jim Doxas on drums, Adrian Vedady on bass and Chico Pinheiro on guitar, she demonstrates her easy command of vocals, with a slightly troubling quality and above all a youthful freshness, almost a mischievousness, which sets her apart from the likes of Diana Krall, Melody Gardot and Norah Jones. In summary: a great discovery.

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