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A Christmas Cornucopia!

By Nicolas Magenham |

Released in 2010, this Christmas album by the famous Eurythmics singer is back in 2020 as a remastered version. For an English-speaking pop singer, it is common to offer a "Christmas album" once in their career. But, true to her temperament, Annie Lennox wanted to shake up the often traditional and culturally fixed aspect of this type of project, which she wants to be more open and committed than usual.

This 6th solo album therefore offers a cosmopolitan selection of Christmas carols, with classics from the UK, but also from Germany and France. It even goes so far as to interpret Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant in the language of Molière. This song also has an African element, with the African Children's Choir and percussion performed by Barry van Zyl. A process that allows us to open up even further towards other horizons. "I hope this recording will offer some comfort and nostalgia, but also an awareness in the eyes of political leaders, religious leaders and the world: we have to face the question of how many mores Christmases we have left on this ravaged planet," says Annie Lennox.

A song like Lullay Lullay is a perfect example of her humanist approach, as the Scottish singer relates the festive Nativity to the tragedy of child soldiers in Africa. This re-release includes the previously unreleased Universal Child, written and composed by Lennox herself. She also plays most of the instruments on the album, leaving the guitars, bass and some keyboards to her colleague Mike Stevens.


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