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Chester Bennington has passed away

The music world is in mourning. Linkin Park's iconic singer, Chester Bennington, passed away on Thursday 20 July at the age of 41.

By Charlotte Saintoin | Dear Departed | July 28, 2017

Chester Bennington has left us. Found dead at his home in Los Angeles on Thursday 20 July, authorities say that the singer committed suicide. This possible suicide comes a few months after that of Chris Cornell, singer and heart and soul of the group Soundgarden, a dear friend of Chester’s to whom he dedicated a letter.

Chester Bennington's life was hemmed around drugs and other addictions, and his torments began at a young age. With his immediately-recognisable guttural voice, the enfant terrible from Phoenix sang of his inability to live on the track Nobody Can Save Me. Born at the turn of the millennium, Linkin Park brought together a whole generation with its début album Hybrid Theory, which sold more than ten million copies. Somewhere between metal, pop and rock, Linkin Park picked its way, mixing genres, blurring musical boundaries, without ever looking to categorise themselves.

Muse, System of a Down, Nikki Sixx, Limp Bizkit's singer Fred Durst or even Korn's guitarist Brian Welsh have heaped eulogy upon eulogy to Bennington. After his last album One More Light came out on 19 May last year, Linkin Park were getting ready to set off on a tour next week. Tragically, Chester chose otherwise.

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