Various Artists Nu Jazz for Absolute Beginners (Listen to Relaxing Jazzy Lounge)

Nu Jazz for Absolute Beginners (Listen to Relaxing Jazzy Lounge)

Various Artists

Released on August 4, 2016 by Irma records

Main artist: Various Artists

Genre: Soul/Funk/R&B > Acid Jazz

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Album : 1 disk - 20 tracks Total length : 01:35:40

  1. 1 Open Eyes

    Papik, Performer - Nerio Poggi, Composer - Bosco Hana, Composer - Alan Scaffardi, Writer - Edelva Barbosa, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  2. 2 Waitress Waltz

    Massimo Guerra Xtet, Performer - Guerra Massimo, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  3. 3 Miss Apleton

    Franca Barone 5et, Performer - Francesca Barone, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  4. 4 Suparoad 2

    Capiozzo, Performer - Mecco, Performer - Santimone, Performer - Capiozzo Christian, Composer - Michele Guidi, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  5. 5 On Broadway

    Piero Masciarelli, Performer - Barry Mann, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  6. 6 Donna

    Michele Villari, Composer, Performer Copyright : Irma Records

  7. 7 All That She Wants

    Neja, Performer - Malin Gberggreen, Composer - Jenny Berggreen, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  8. 8 Cidade Velha

    Agostino Maria Ticino, Performer - Agostino Ticino, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  9. 9 The Ghetto

    Jestofunk, Performer - Hutson, Composer - Hattaway, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  10. 10 Family Affair

    Papik, Performer - Mary J Blige, Composer, Writer - Bruce Miller, Composer, Writer - Andre Young, Composer, Writer - Dr. Dre, Composer, Writer - Michael Elizondo, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  11. 11 I Like You

    Scott Jacoby, Performer - S.Jacobi, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records Moonbeat Recordings

  12. 12 O vento (Parov Stelar Remix)

    Ithamara Koorax, Performer - D. Caymmi, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma records s.r.l.

  13. 13 Astrao (Duran y Garcia Acoustic Remix)

    Clan Greco, Performer - M. Greco, Composer, Writer - S.Donati, Composer, Writer - R. Rinaldi, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma records s.r.l.

  14. 14 Life Is a Tree (Truby Trio Treatment)

    Sicania Soul, Performer - Riccardo Rinaldi, Composer Copyright : Pyramide

  15. 15 Dolce vita

    Ely Bruna, Performer - Giombini, Composer - Mazzolini, Writer Copyright : Irma records

  16. 16 Copacabana

    Matteo Brancaleoni, Performer - Bruce Sussman, Composer - Barry Manilow, Writer - Jack Feldman, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  17. 17 On a Clear Day (Sunaga T Experience Remix)

    Montefiori Cocktail, Performer - Laine, Composer, Writer - Lemer, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  18. 18 Happy (In Rio Spiritual South Remix)

    Max Sedgley, Performer - M. Sedgley, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma records s.r.l.

  19. 19 Waiting Too Long

    Sure Pleasure, Performer - F. Baldi, Composer - S. Scalzi, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  20. 20 One Plus One

    Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair, Performer - L. Brotto, Composer, Writer - M. Bassan, Composer, Writer - A. Tesser, Composer, Writer - E. Geel, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

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