William Mure - Robert Gordon -  Anonymous Lute Music from Scotland and France

Lute Music from Scotland and France

William Mure - Robert Gordon - Anonymous

Released on October 1, 2009 by BIS

Main artist: Jakob Lindberg

Genre: Classical

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Album : 1 disk - 11 tracks Total length : 01:12:36

    The Rowallen Lute Book (William Mure)
  1. 1 The Rowallen Lute Book: A Scotts Tune - Come Yairds - A Scott Tune - Gypses Lilt - Current - A Scotts Tune

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  2. The Straloch Lute Book (arr. R. Gordon) (Robert Gordon)
  3. 2 The Straloch Lute Book (arr. R. Gordon): Canarie - I long for thy virginitie - A Daunce - A Port - Ladie Ann Gordon´s Lilt - Canaries

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  4. The Jane Pickering Lute Book (Anonymous)
  5. 3 The Jane Pickering Lute Book: A Scotts Tune - The Scottish Huntsupe

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  6. Panmure 5 (René Mésangeau)
  7. 4 Panmure 5: Courante - Sarabande - Courante

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  8. The Lady Margaret Wemyss Book (Margaret Wemyss)
  9. 5 The Lady Margaret Wemyss Book: A Scotts Tune - My Ladie Binnis Lilt - Blue Ribbon - Ladie lie near me - Lilt - General Lelly´s Goodnight

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  10. Suite in D Minor (Ennemond Gaultier)
  11. 6 Suite in D Minor: Prelude - Allemande - Courante - Tombeau de Mesangeau - Gigue - Canaries

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  12. Pieces in A Minor (Jacques Gallot)
  13. 7 Pieces in A Minor: Prelude - Allemande Le bout de l'an de Mr Fautier - Gavotte la Jalousee - Folies d'Espagne

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  14. The Balcarres Lute Book [17th Century] (Anonymous)
  15. 8 The Balcarres Lute Book [17th Century]: The New Highland Laddie - Devo's Gigue - A new Scotts Measure - After the Pauges of a Desperate Lover - I never knew I loved thee - Lillybul

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  16. 9 The Balcarres Lute Book [17th Century]: Le Canon Courante by Gautier - Dragons by Gallot - La Gavotte Frondeuse by Mouton - Sarabande by Mercure

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  17. 10 The Balcarres Lute Book [17th Century]: When she came in she bobbed - I wish I were where Helen lyes - My Nannie - Sweet Willie - A Scotts Tune - Tarphicken

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS

  18. 11 The Balcarres Lute Book [17th Century]: What if a day - Greensleeves

    , Contributor Copyright : 1987 BIS


Originally released in 1982, this was among the first recordings of the rather unusual repertory it covers, and it helped kick off a period of wider interest in the various lute traditions of Europe. It still sounds good, right down to the failed politesse of the useful instruction in the booklet: "The listener is kindly requested TO DECREASE THE GAIN ON THE AMPLIFIER when listening to the lute. If not, all the nuances disappear and the resulting timbre is most incorrect." And it's true; the lute is a quiet instrument, and some of the problems with contemporary recordings of it result from levels that are too high all the way through the process. The joining of lute music from Scotland and France in the program is not arbitrary; the French style was the model for Scottish lute music of the seventeenth century, and there was a good deal of musical interchange. The Scottish collections, however, had their own style, drawing on the distinctive melodic content of Scottish folk song. Lindberg shows a clean, elegant style that nevertheless recognizes the fact that this was entertainment music, rooted in popular song (such as I long for thy virginitie from the Straloch Lute Book, track 2) and dance. The sound quality, right at the dawn of the CD era, is a bit cold, but the lute was essentially well-recorded. Notes are in Swedish, German, French, and English, with differences in word lengths in these languages made up simply by adjusting the line spacing as needed. On the design plus side, however, are some breathtaking photographs of Scotland.

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