Various Artists It's a Groovy Thing!, Vol. 3 (The Amazing Jazz Funk Sax Sound)

It's a Groovy Thing!, Vol. 3 (The Amazing Jazz Funk Sax Sound)

Various Artists

Released on December 8, 2016 by Irma records

Main artist: Various Artists

Genre: Soul/Funk/R&B > Acid Jazz

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Album : 1 disk - 25 tracks Total length : 02:13:34

  1. 1 Close To My Heart

    Jestofunk, Performer - Claudio Rispoli, Composer - C. Rispoli, Writer - F. Farias, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  2. 2 Manhattan Skyline

    Black Mighty Wax, Performer - Dexter wansel, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  3. 3 Life

    Bossa Nostra, Performer - S. Carrara, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records s.r.l.

  4. 4 Yesterday Dreams

    Ida Landsberg, Performer, Writer - Simone Slavatore, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  5. 5 Lolita

    Michele Villari, Composer, Performer Copyright : Irma Records

  6. 6 Dwellers of the Parallel World

    Napolangeles, Performer - James Thompson, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  7. 7 Kontaminazione

    Bossa Nostra, Performer - E. Bigi, Composer - P. D'Errico, Composer Copyright : Irma records

  8. 8 Peep This

    Papik Smooth Experience, Performer - Massimo Satta, Composer - Fabio Tullio, Composer - Nerio Poggi, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  9. 9 Instant Love

    Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair, Performer - L. Brotto, Composer, Writer - A. Tesser, Composer, Writer - E. Geel, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  10. 10 In the Footsteps of the Greats

    Peepstyle, Performer - Paparella Massimo, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  11. 11 Crazy Beat

    Montefiori Cocktail, Performer - F. Montefiori, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  12. 12 Strange Days

    Italian Secret Service, Performer - Dario Cecchini, Composer - Leonardo Pieri, Composer Copyright : Irma records s.r.l.

  13. 13 Boodoo

    Three Reeds Quintet, Performer - Lee Konitz, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  14. 14 Shape Your Life

    Live Tropical Fish, Performer - Gardini Massimiliano, Composer - Marta Caffettieri, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  15. 15 Fly Love Song (MC Turbo Sax)

    Jestofunk, Performer - Claudio Rispoli, Composer - Alessandro Staderini, Composer - Francesco Farias, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  16. 16 Diabolique

    Faze Liquide, Performer - Nicola Negrini, Composer - Alessandro Meroli, Composer - Nico Menci, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  17. 17 Try to love me

    Man Sueto, Performer - Rossi, Composer - Sirotti, Composer - Mingotti, Writer - Vallicelli, Writer Copyright : Irma records

  18. 18 One Note Funk

    Teo Ciavarella, Performer - T. Ciavarella, Composer Copyright : Irma Records

  19. 19 Gate 74 (I Still Believe)

    Redsolution, Performer - Alessandro Rossi, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  20. 20 The Phunky Bishop

    Jerome van Rossum, Composer, Performer - Jerome Kruft, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  21. 21 Anamaria

    Montefiori Cocktail, Performer - C. Collina. F. Montefiori, Composer, Writer - U. Damiani, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  22. 22 Blue

    Francesco Vittorio Amenta, Composer, Performer Copyright : Irma Records

  23. 23 Spread Your Sax

    2 Men 4 Soul, Composer, Performer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  24. 24 Joy and Pain (Sax Instrumental)

    Ferrucci, Performer - F. Beverly, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records

  25. 25 Mystic Room

    DJ Rodriguez, Performer - Rinaldi, Composer, Writer - Garofalo, Composer, Writer - D'Aiello, Composer, Writer Copyright : Irma Records La Douce

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