Lorez Alexandria ‎ Deep Roots

Deep Roots

Lorez Alexandria ‎

Released on March 31, 1962 by Poppydisc

Main artist: Lorez Alexandria

Genre: Jazz

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Album : 1 disk - 10 tracks Total length : 00:28:08

  1. 1 Nature Boy

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - Warner/Chappell North America Limited Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  2. 2 I Was a Fool

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - YVONNE PUBLISHING CO Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  3. 3 No Moon at All

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - Campbell Connelly and Co Ltd Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  4. 4 Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - MPL UK Publishing Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  5. 5 Softly as in a Morning Sunrise

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - REDWOOD MUSIC LTD Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  6. 6 Detour Ahead

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  7. 7 It Could Happen to You

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - Sony/ATV Harmony UK Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  8. 8 Travelling Light

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - Warner Chappell Music Ltd Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  9. 9 Almost Like Being in Love

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - SAM FOX PUBL CO (LONDON) LTD Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

  10. 10 I Want to Talk About You

    Lorez Alexandria, Main Artist - Carlin Music Corp Copyright : (C) 2017 Poppydisc

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