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Danny Wilde - Acoustic Thoughts, Vol. 1

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Acoustic Thoughts, Vol. 1

Danny Wilde

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Acoustic Thoughts, Vol. 1

Danny Wilde

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Speed Your Love to Me (Acoustic) 00:03:20

Danny Wilde, Performer - James Kerr, Lyricist - Charles Burchill, Composer - Derek Forbes, Composer - Mel George Gynor, Composer - Joseph Michael Mcneil, Composer

2017 Danny Wilde

Kathleen (Acoustic) 00:04:14

Danny Wilde, Performer - Andrew Sylvester Richard Roachford, Composer, Lyricist

2017 Danny Wilde

Lessons in Love (Acoustic) 00:02:11

Danny Wilde, Performer - Mark King, Composer - Daniel Jaques Badarou, Lyricist - Charles Rowland Gould, Composer

2017 Danny Wilde

The First Picture of You (Acoustic) 00:03:29

Danny Wilde, Performer - Peter Anthony Coyle, Composer - Jeremy Vincent Kelly, Lyricist - Gerard Quinn, Composer

2017 Danny Wilde

Time After Time (Acoustic) 00:03:11

Danny Wilde, Performer - Rob Hyman, Composer - Cindy Lauper, Lyricist

2017 Danny Wilde

Slave to Love (Acoustic) 00:02:40

Danny Wilde, Performer - Bryan Ferry, Composer, Lyricist

2017 Danny Wilde

The Unforgettable Fire (Acoustic) 00:03:30

Danny Wilde, Performer - David Paul Hewson, Composer - David Evans, Lyricist - Adam Clayton, Composer - Larry Mullen, Composer

2017 Danny Wilde

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By Danny Wilde
Acoustic Solo Danny Wilde
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