We’re a company created by music lovers, for music lovers. Our vision is to provide the best sound quality and music experience to everyone.

Welcome to the Qobuz API

In an open-minded way, we provide to developers and music industry all the assets of Qobuz through a public API.

  • complete music catalog, from every label (majors and independents) and every artist in every musical genre in streaming at 16 bits / 44,1 kHz uncompressed (Real CD Quality)
  • enhanced information about artists and albums,
  • as well as Qobuz’s editorial team selections.

We hope, that new music experiences will appear based on HD sound quality. Power your music app with the Qobuz API!!

Getting Started with the Qobuz API

Ready? To learn more, please read our documentation available here: https://github.com/Qobuz/api-documentation

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